Discover The Amazing World of Water Beads

5 Packs of Water Beads (10g/pk) FREE Shipping

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Please specify the number and colour you would like to order, you can choose up to 5 packs.
Each Package is 10 g
Each Package makes approximately 4 cups (1-litre)

Water Beads come in a variety of vibrant colours and are 100% colourfast, odourless, non-toxic (child & pet friendly) and environmentally friendly (biodegradable).  Water Beads can be used over and over again, just add water to re-hydrate.


Add one 10g pack of water beads to 5 - 6 cups of tap or distilled water and stir. Leave beads to hydrate approximately 4 - 6 hours. When beads are hydrated drain off excess water using a colander/strainer. Water beads are now ready to use, ENJOY!

WARNING:  Caution with young kids - water beads are safe & non-toxic - BUT can be a CHOKING hazard.  DO NOT put water beads down plumbing (drain/toilet). Keep water beads out of direct sunlight.

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