Discover The Amazing World of Water Beads

Variety Pack - 12-10g packs

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Variety Pack comes with one 10 g pack of each colour: red, clear, green, blue, black, orange, turquoise, pink, white, yellow, purple, multi

Water Beads are 100% colourfast, odourless, non-toxic (child & pet friendly) and environmentally friendly (biodegradable). Water Beads can be used over and over again, just add water and rehydrate.


Add one 10g pack of Water Beads to 5-6 cups of tap water and stir.  Leave beads to hydrate for approximately 4-6 hours.  When beads are hydrated, drain off excess water using colander/strainer. Water Beads are now ready to use. Enjoy!

WARNING: Caution with young kids. Although Water Beads are safe and non-toxic, they can be a chocking hazard. DO NOT put Water Beads down plumbing. Keep out of direct sunlight.