Discover The Amazing World of Water Beads

What are water beads made of?

Water beads are made from a polyacrylamide such as sodium polyacrylate, which is commonly known as a superabsorbent polymer. Sodium polyacrylate is the absorbent material found in baby diapers. It has the ability to absorb as much as 200 to 300 times its mass in water.  Water beads are non-toxic (child/pet safe)

What happens to water beads over time?

Over time water beads shrink, to re-hydrate all you need to do is add more water.  If you don’t add water they will shrink back to original size, they will re-hydrate if you add water.

How do I know how many packs I should order?

To determine how the volume you require fill container with water and measure how many cups/litres it holds.

One 10 g pack makes approx. 4 cups (1-litre) when hydrated.

One 114 g (1/4 lb) bag makes approx. 45 cups (11-litres) when hydrated.

One 227g (1/2 lb) bag makes approx. 90 cups (22-litres) when hydrated.

One 454g (1 lb) bag makes approx. 180 cups (44-litres) when hydrated.


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